The Five Behaviours of Highly Effective People

About the Workshop

The Five Behaviours of Highly Effective People workshop builds personal and professional effectiveness by providing participants self-awareness and self-management skills, interpersonal skills and skills to determine and manage key priorities and actions.

This workshop recognises and brings in all of the ‘habits’ of the Covey 7 Habits program in a concise and relevant way. The workshop also offers newer ideas and skills that have become an important part of the set of skills that research and newer programs have shown are vital in the current workplace.

In addition to the essential ‘habits’, this Integral workshop brings in the concepts and skills associated with resilience, mindfulness, mindful communication, ego states, and managing your time, not your energy that have been shown to be important concepts and tools for the modern professional.

Unique Features

  • The translation of Covey’s habits into public and private sector examples
  • Highly interactive and personalised content
  • The application of mindfulness techniques to increase your effectiveness
  • A strategic approach to personal effectiveness from value/goal clarity thru to, looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing to staying on track

Benefits of Attending

  • Opportunities to practice essential behaviours that lead to success at a personal and professional level
  • Genuine improvement in your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Increased clarity about your values and goals professionally and personally
  • Increased awareness of a number of tools and strategies to increase your effectiveness



Jill Dare

Jill brings to her coachees over 20 years of organisational development and consulting experience. Jill graduated from Curtin University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Business and is a senior consultant and executive coach with Integral Development. She has worked in the fields of organisational development, research, marketing and training and leadership development. Primarily, she consults in those aspects of organisational development that involves coaching, facilitation, culture, feedback and leadership development.

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