Integral 360 Profile Accreditation Program

Our public accreditation program for the use of our Integral 360° profiles provides consultants, human resource professionals and executive coaches with a comprehensive approach to leadership development, and access to a well researched and trusted leadership assessment profile.

Our Integral 360° Profiles have been used by more than 5,000 Australian executives, managers and supervisors from a wide range of private organisations and public sector agencies over the past 15 years. Developed and researched by Dr Ron Cacioppe, our range of Integral 360° tools are based on Integral theory which has been widely acclaimed as the most relevant theory for the 21st century.

Our Integral 360° Profile Accreditation Program involves a range of interactive sessions to ensure participants have a comprehensive understanding of the Integral 360° profiles. Participants complete their own Integral 360° Profile and observe executive coaching in action. The course provides firsthand experience in the use of leadership profiling and builds the skills needed for effective executive coaching.


Who Should Attend

  • Human resource professionals, organisational learning and development staff
  • Executive coaches and consultants
  • Professionals interested in the Integral approach and a comprehensive, holistic leadership framework beyond the conventional tools available


Course Outline

Day One – Thursday, 25th May 2017

The Integral All Quadrants, All Level Theory and Experience:

  • 4-quadrant model of leadership and management
  • Integral 360° profiles
  • Exercises and questions


360° Feedback Coaching and the Development Workbook

  • Establishing clear goals and timeframes in the development workbook
  • What is coaching and what is Integral coaching? How are they different?
  • Frameworks for the coaching process: IGROW and Integral
  • Demonstration of 360° Integral feedback process
  • Ethical and confidentiality questions


Day Two – Friday, 26th May 2017

Integral Coaching in Practice

  • Essential skills and the process of Integral coaching
  • Role plays
  • Using of the 4 quadrants and iceberg models
  • Following through with clients
  • Payments and administration


Facilitating Ongoing Development through Coaching

  • Facilitating effective sessions
  • The ongoing coaching process
  • Options for development
  • Commercial and client agreements, cancellations, etc


Day Three – Monday, 29th May 2017

Integrating Theory, Practice and the Most Difficult Parts

  • Review and questions
  • Exam: 2 hrs
  • Coaching dilemmas: problems and solutions
  • Difficult situations and difficult clients
  • Experience of Integral coaches


Integral Spiral Development Feedback

  • Spiral Dynamics theory and 360° spiral levels feedback
  • Role play, observation and feedback
  • Comparison of ID 360° profiles to other instruments
  • Next steps



Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

Antonia Clissa

Antonia's has a background in senior management, health, and psychotherapy/counselling with a wide range of experience working with diversity including cultural, linguistic and gender issues in the government and not for profit sector.

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Cost: $3,500 + GST
Date: 25-26 & 29 May 2017
Venue: Integral Development Perth