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Advanced Management Program Continues to Exceed Clients’ Expectations


Of our leadership and management courses that we teach in Perth, one that continues to exceed expectations is the Advanced Management Program. Our most recent offering was here in Perth, from 17th-22nd February. We haven’t scheduled our next class yet, but we are in the process of finalising the schedule for our next public program for early 2014.

The Advanced Management Program is designed for middle and senior level managers who are looking to learn the most modern and contemporary strategies available for effective leadership and management. It consists of five and a half days of management development that focuses on the experiential rather than learning theory by rote.

Participants are challenged with scenarios that simulate typical situations and problems that often confront management, and are given the experience to undergo multiple paradigm shifts within the context of the training. This is accomplished by providing participants with the most contemporary concepts in management and leadership, and offering them the tools to create and apply practical solutions within a controlled setting.

All participants will receive real time coaching and feedback, allowing them to maximise their development. The feedback will help participants fully understand how their own personal actions, behaviours, and qualities affect their performance and their business.

The program is based on the principles taught in our Integral Leadership Program, which provides a holistic leadership framework. The principles we teach provide cutting-edge concepts that represent the best of evolution in the leadership and management fields.

Course Outline

Day one (half-day): – 360 degree feedback and Integral Leadership Model – Case study primer and introduction to case study team

Day two: – Break into syndicate teams for action learning activities – Introduction to personality types: Firo B and Myers Briggs – Maximising individual productivity and performance – How to develop vision for the future and define leadership direction

Day three: – Workshop: Financial strategies – Workshop: Business strategy and direction – Break into syndicate teams for action learning activities – Organisational sustainability – Action learning activities include real time coaching and feedback

Day four: – Workshop: Customers and stakeholders – Workshop: Change management – Workshop: Strategic marketing – Break into syndicate teams for dynamic learning activities

Day five: – Creativity and innovation – How to coach for performance – Break into syndicate teams for dynamic learning activities – Workshop: Team dynamics

Day six: – Dynamic learning activities presented to company executives – Individual growth agendas finalised – Planning for follow-up coaching and reintegration

Workplace Coaching

Participants are reintegrated back into their workplace and provided ongoing development from an experienced team of executive coaches.

Key Elements

Leaders are developed by experienced leaders

The Advanced Leadership Program is taught by leaders who have reached the pinnacles of their respective professions. The team consists of coaches, facilitators, and industry guests coming from prime academic backgrounds, and were chosen for their exceptional skills.

Extremely effective leadership development program

While the framework is the same, the program itself is customised individually for each participant. This allows for the individual to receive exactly what he or she needs to maximise their development and maximise their benefits from the program.

Nothing works like teamwork

Participants are broken into teams, and taught how to work together to produce outstanding results.

The Case Studies are real

Participants have the opportunity to work on real problems from real Western Australia and, in some cases, international businesses, and interact with leaders who have first-hand experience with those problems.

Follow-up coaching

The program includes a follow-up 360 degree feedback and two follow-up coaching sessions.

Most cost-effective

There are similar programs on the market, but they cost more and only provide half of the value of the Advanced Management Program. We offer 360 degree feedback before and after the program, so that participants have evidence of their own progress. We also use the results of over 5,000 other leaders from WA as comparison points on the 360 instrument. We provide attendees with an accurate record of their progress, thus providing a quantifiable ROI.

Beyond commercial success

The program is holistic by nature, and encompasses a much larger scope than other management training courses, both in Perth or across Australia. The Integral model creates integral organisations that understand and fulfil their responsibilities to their customers, staff, and environment, as well as the stakeholders.

Integrating the Integral Leadership Model

If your company uses solid business techniques from thirty years ago, it may be able to keep its head above water, but it won’t be an industry leader, and it will always lag behind when trying to keep up with the true innovators in your industry. The Integral Leadership Model teaches how to solve problems, how to create, and how to lead.

For more information, call (08) 9242 8122.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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