Vision and Values

Our vision is to inspire and develop Integral leaders to create great places to work. We provide training, leadership and organisation development services to help leaders and organisations achieve excellence in all areas of business, from commercial success and organisational efficiency to ethics, sustainability and responsible actions that benefit the community.

More than ever we consider the ‘Integral’ approach as a meaningful way of understanding ourselves and our environment, with tremendous potential to help people meet the increasingly complex challenges facing organisations today. We offer a balanced and comprehensive approach to leadership and organisational development, underpinned by values such as: unconditional respect for our staff and clients, a commitment to doing valuable work that contributes to the development of a better society and enriching the environment.

The ID philosophy offers a way of looking at the world from an integrated and broader perspective. It extends an opportunity to discover that relationships, culture, results, strategy and outcomes are intrinsically linked and influenced by every individual and team within an organisation. It invites the exploration of a deeper, more meaningful reason for being part of something bigger than the self.

Integral Development aims to be practical and results-focused while at the same time providing services and products that lead to long-term, beneficial improvement for individuals, teams, organisations and society as a whole. We believe that every organisation has unique needs and requires consulting services and leadership development services to be flexible to meet their specific requirements. ID can adapt and modify its services and products to meet these specific needs, while preserving the fundamental ‘Integral’ theme that we believe provides the most effective outcomes.

At the core of our philosophy is to ensure that we ourselves practice what we are encouraging others to become. We strive for an open and honest culture where our staff, consultants and customers feel they can discuss with us their needs and concerns. We also foster a supportive culture that develops our staff and clients to become the best they can be. We have a strong commitment to the inherent value and worth of the human spirit and seek to bring in the deepest ideas from eastern and western cultures and combine them with the most recent effective ideas and technology. We believe that humans should treat each other with dignity and respect so that each person is dealt with fairly, with regard for their own circumstances and needs.

Integral Development wishes to work with customers who seek to make a positive contribution to their own customers, who treat our staff with respect and regard, and who maintain ethical practices.

Integral Development seeks to help its staff, customers and key stakeholders to experience harmony and connectedness to their organisation, their family, the world they are part of, the natural environment and most importantly, to themselves. ID has a strong belief that each individual, team and organisation can be effective and in harmony with the world. While ID does not define itself as a spiritual organisation, it believes that its role is to help bring spirit in the widest sense into the workplace.