Going Green

We are passionate about sustainable principles and implement best practice sustainability programs wherever possible.

During the financial years 2008-2010 we offset our carbon dioxide emissions (an estimated 30 tonnes per year) by planting over 500 native trees.

We were also a finalist in the Small Business Leading by Example Category of the Department of Environment and Conservation 2009 Western Australian Environment Awards.


We use 80% recycled paper for all our printing and copying needs.

We print double-sided whenever possible to save paper.

We reuse printed paper as scrap paper where possible.

We provide facilities for the easy recycling of paper, plastics and aluminium.

Integral Development Going Green


We have elected to change to 100% “Green Energy” which ensures our electricity bills are invested into finding sustainable alternative and cleaner energies.

Where possible we turn our office lights off at night and when not in use (eg meeting rooms).

Most of our offices are naturally lit during the day, reducing our use of office lighting.

Where possible we turn off electrical equipment at night (eg computers and monitors, printers, photocopiers.

Where possible we acquire equipment with a high energy rating.


We have minimal flow kitchen taps which promote efficient water usage practices.

Sustainability Culture

We have indoor plants in all office spaces which create a natural healthy atmosphere.

Included in our email signatures is a note “Please consider the environment before you print this email.”

We have an internal environmental officer who undertakes an environmental role.

We have a culture which supports people who take action towards environmental sustainability.