"This was a thought provoking & interactive learning experience. I certainly developed many new ideas as a result of the training... This program encouraged a deeper thought process and emphasized elements of the change process that we are aware of but have not fully considered."
Senior Managers, St John's Ambulance

The Challenge

To provide St John Ambulance with two leadership development programs targeted at executive directors and senior management.

The Program

Integral Development conducted a two day executive program for St John’s 10 executive directors which centred on strategic leadership and included Integral Leadership and Management 360° Profiles and executive coaching for all participants to help with their professional and personal development plans.

Following the executive program the senior management program ran for 8 days over a four month period with 20 senior managers attending. The program concentrated on building effective leaders, improving skills in managing change , managing performance, work life balance and communicating strategic direction. Similar to the executive program, participants underwent a Profile 360° and coaching and created tailored development plans.

The 360 process included a group report summarising the development needs of the group as a whole and compared the average scores with those of all others in the organisation who previously undertook the 360° Profiles.

Senior Managers also created a development plan – a two page summary of skills and changes which needed to be made – with their Integral Development coach, which was later discussed with the Senior Executives. Follow up sessions with the coaches were used to discuss the development plan and achieve the outcomes agreed on.


Attendees gained skills in managing performance, managing change and effective leadership.

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