"Integral Development and Ron Cacioppe were very professional and flexible in designing and conducting an effective meeting process. They facilitated wide ranging input from a cross section of people, ensuring a number of important actions were developed."
Jean-Pierre Hurel, Deputy Director, General Manager Offshore Development

The Challenge

To create a program that would create one unified global team aligned on the strategies and purpose of the team as a whole; clarify, discuss and decide on important issues facing the team and build rapport and understanding between team members who are distributed around the world.

The Program

Integral Development created a program for the 24 senior managers of the design and development project at INPEX. Managers were from multiple cultural backgrounds, had substantive industry experience and predominately engineering backgrounds. Alignment workshops were conducted by video conference between the two teams based in Perth and London.


INPEX obtained agreement of issues that needed to be resolved and actions that needed to be implemented to ensure the project’s success.

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