"I have attended many professional development courses over the years, but found the combination of the Pathways classroom sessions and the coaching program to have had the most impact on my personal and professional development."
Marcelyn Nicolaou, Department of Premier and Cabinet

The Challenge

Develop a competency framework and Integral 360° Leadership Profile for all public sector managers – level 7 and above – to be used in the Pathways to Leadership Program.

The Program

Since 2005 Integral Development have designed and delivered 360° profiles and one-on-one coaching to more than 35 WA government departments through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s Pathways to Leadership Program. Integral Development coached more than 1100 public sector managers in this program. Managers completed a comprehensive questionnaire which measured their skills in five areas of competency. Each manager also invited between six to twelve others to rate him/her. A report was given back and a one and a half hour coaching session was conducted to complete a development plan for each manager.


A large group of public sector managers gained skills in leadership and management and greater understanding of key skills necessary to be an effective leader in the public sector.

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