"The program created a situation where it highlighted individuals' awareness to confront what they were good and not good at. It highlighted the strengths in the team as well as gaps and how to mitigate skills development... It reinvigorated and gave confidence that we are on track with our vision of a premiership team."
Garry Hunt, CEO City of Joondalup

The Challenge

To build a high performing effective management team that has fully committed to the CEO and the City’s strategic goals.

The Program

Integral Development conducted the Leadership Insight Workshop for the City of Joondalup which consisted of a three day residential workshop based on a development centre approach. It included a number of specifically designed activities, problems and case studies to measure specific leadership and management skills.

One Integral Development coach was assigned two of the 14 City of Joondalup managers to observe throughout the workshop. Participants were briefed and undertook a mixture of challenging short exercises that required quick thinking and action relevant to the City’s strategic challenges while an Integral Development coach observed, evaluating participants in relation to agreed competencies.

The participants received one-on-one feedback from their observer and then created individual development plans. After the program, participants have four one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss their Integral 360° Leadership and Management Profile and personal and leadership issues.


Participants rated the Leadership Insight Workshop as one of the most powerful and effective programs they ever attended. A more cohesive and committed management team emerged as a result of the three day workshop. Each manager has improved skills in managing his or her staff.

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