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8 Mantras that Integral Business Leaders Live By

Integral Leadership Program

At Integral Development, we offer executive coaching, leadership development programs and management courses, both on our Perth campus and onsite for many companies. We are best known for our Integral Leadership Program, which is based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. The program utilises concepts from over 6,000 years of human thought in a multitude of disciplines to help every individual within an organisation reach their fullest potential.

We conduct interviews after the programs have been delivered to ensure that we have produced the desired impact on our clients. These interviews are not only verification that we were able to effect change, but also tell us exactly what level of change we can effect with our training.

While different organisations have different needs, there are 8 common outcomes that nearly all organisations experience from the Integral Leadership Program. They come in the form of mantras or core beliefs that Integral Leaders live by as a result of our training.

Cooperation, Not Confrontation

A workplace with below-average “leadership” is usually fraught with cliques and infighting between departments and employees. Managers wield their power to force employees to do their bidding—this works, but only to a point. Organisations with a lot of confrontation usually have high turnover, low performance and a lack of creativity due to employees fighting to hold their positions.

When an Integral leader creates an environment of cooperation to reach a higher goal, an organisation begins to enjoy the benefits of high performance and creativity. Instead of a workplace where everyone is struggling to break even, an environment of cooperation leads to an environment of high achievement and reward.

Nurture Individual Development

A below-average leader treats employees as “numbers” or cogs in a machine. An Integral leader encourages and nurtures development of the individual because he or she knows that a collection of strong individuals ultimately benefits the organisation as a whole. When every individual is working towards goals which they helped to formulate, the overall culture of the organisation benefits.

Empower Employees

This is similar to the first mantra of cooperation, not confrontation. Many managers stifle employees’ creativity by telling them exactly what needs to be done and how, then micromanaging the process. An Integral leader gives a direction, provides the resources to get the job done and allows employees and teams to produce the desired results via their own initiative.

We Are All Peers

Integral leaders treat employees like peers. Even though their positions are senior to their subordinates, Integral leaders don’t treat employees as inferior. Instead, they treat employees as peers working towards a common goal.

Positive Motivation is Superior to Fear

There is still a sizeable contingent of managers who believe in using fear to motivate employees. It has been proven by numerous anecdotal studies that using positive motivators, such as the opportunity for positive impact, is a more effective approach.

Change is Good

Humans seem to be inherently resistant to change, particularly so in the workplace. Many employees and middle managers see change as something to be endured for a few weeks until they can start doing what they did before. Integral leaders are fully behind change and inspire employees to accept it as part of the growth curve. Integral leaders embody resilience strategies.

Embrace Technology

Many people view technology as an entity that eliminates jobs and helps management control and dehumanise employees. Instead, it should viewed as a mechanism that frees both employees and management from mundane tasks and helps them build relationships while increasing creativity.

Use technology such as smartphones and the Internet to enhance your ability to compete in the marketplace.

Work Should be Fun

“Old-school” bosses seem to think that work should be toil and that having fun in the workplace is counterproductive. Nothing could be further from the truth. An Integral leader realises that employees who have fun at work are more productive over a longer period of time. Consequently, they endeavour to put employees into positions where they enjoy work.

Integral Leadership Program

Our Integral Leadership Program helps develop leadership at every level of the organisation. Designed for emerging leaders, the program combines Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory with cutting-edge strategic management techniques to help managers create an environment where the individual is honoured and leaders are more able to inspire and motivate others.

Integral leaders, no matter what their position in the organisation, are poised for maximum achievement and growth, both personally and professionally. This produces an organisation that is innovative, creative and dynamic while producing optimum results.

To learn more about the next Integral Leadership Program, which begins on 24 July 2014, call 1300 176 789.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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