Training the Next Generation of Leaders

Sometimes the best way to create change in your leaders is to bring in the expertise from the industry leaders in your local business environment. The experience and professionalism these leaders can share in producing extraordinary results in business can bring about profound shifts in understanding and problem solving. Academic institutions often fail to provide the real-world experience necessary in a constantly changing economic climate and graduates can sometimes find themselves ill-prepared to face the reality of business in Perth.

Today’s fast paced and complex business environment requires leaders to find new and innovative ways to develop their leadership and strategic management capabilities. Our Advanced Management Program is aimed at developing senior and middle level managers who want to find new ways of leading for enhanced effectiveness in today’s dynamic business context.

To assist in creating the most dynamic learning experience we have recruited the expertise of some of Perth’s most respected business leaders. The following brief summary profiles serve as a short introduction to each member of the presentation team for 2012.

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Clive Stein

Managing Director

Amcom Telecommunications Ltd.

Clive has been Managing Director of Amcom since September 2007 and its Chief Executive Officer since July 2007. Prior to this, Clive served as the Chief Operating Officer after joining … Continue reading

Lead Your Boss: The subtle art of managing up!


Lead Your Boss:

The Subtle Art of Managing Up

by John Baldoni

Book Review by Ron Cacioppe, Ange Titlestad, Travis Thomas

Managing your manager is a challenge for many people. Even if your boss is a competent leader and manager, it still takes a lot of skill to get your ideas listened to and to change the decisions, thoughts and behaviours of your manager.

If your manager lacks ability as a manager, is low in emotional intelligence or is domineering or a bully, it can make your work life awful and your company fail.

Sometimes your boss can be such a nice guy that s/he has trouble saying no or making tough decisions so the organisation flounders and loses its way and its customers.

Recent global financial problems showed a failure of leadership at all levels, but chiefly by those at the top who didn’t manage the change well. Now, more than ever, is the time for those in the lower levels of the organisation to use their initiative and skills to transform their organisations into ones that are responsive, nimble, and honest.

The business case for leading upwards is significant. A survey conducted in January 2007 from the consulting firm, Watson Wyatt, revealed that only 49% of employees have “trust and confidence” in their senior managers, and just 53% believed that senior management made “the right changes to stay competitive.” Worse, senior executives surveyed … Continue reading